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Building a bridge between charge point operators and e-mobility providers

As a charge point operator you want to settle charging processes easily and cost-effectively. In order for the investment costs to pay off, the charging stations should be made accessible to as many users as possible. This can be achieved, amongst others, by connecting to the so called “roaming networks”.
An intuitive website, in line with your corporate design, facilitates the data registration of individual charging stations and even the administration of an entire charging park.
As an e-mobility service provider and provider of electricity supply contracts, you want to enable your customers to use a broad, cross-border network of charging stations. Furthermore, you want contract management with your end customers via a multi-tenant platform, designed in accordance with your CI. You also wish to provide your customers with clear statistics on their charging processes, via a specific user access. And all of it ready to use, from one source – without any maintenance effort.

At Chargepartner we see ourselves as pioneers and put the idea of simple e-mobility into action. We not only appreciate open technologies, but also an open and honest dialog with our partners and customers. Together we can make easy-to-use electric mobility a reality for everyone.
We are building bridges for user-friendly e-mobility. Come join us!

Modular Software-as-a-Service

Our Software-as-a-Service allows you to easily operate your charging infrastructure and enables you to implement your e-mobility services. The platform developed by Chargepartner consists of various modules, each highly scalable, multi-tenant capable and equipped with a role-based access mechanism.

Authorizing, managing and settling charging processes.
Administrating user agreements. And much more.
Child’s play. For you and for your business.

Our checklist for your e-mobility services

  • Data transfer between your charging stations and our SaaS backend (mainly via Open Charge Point Protocol; OCCP)
  • Authentication of end customers and authorization of charging processes via RFID cards, telephone dial-up servers and other media
  • Intelligent charging through load management to meet the energy demand of the e-vehicles while at the same time taking into account the capacity of the network
  • Detailed registration of your charging park data, including circuit data, geoinformation data and other information, on a web portal in line with your corporate design (charge point operator)
  • A network of roaming partners guarantees user-friendly access to a Europe-wide charging infrastructure
  • Access to data and functionalities on the web portal according to user roles with customizable user rights
  • Tariff setting, customer base administration and end customer access to statistical evaluations of completed charging processes on a web portal in line with your corporate design (e-mobility service provider)
  • Easy settlement and billing of charged energy between charge point operators and providers of e-mobility service contracts
  • No need for an individual computing infrastructure – turnkey solution with centrally coordinated maintenance, support, updates and upgrades
Solutions for a sustainable future in e-mobility.